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Yashraj Mukhate is “not done yet” with Netflix’s Kapil Sharma special

The music composer has released a special number for the “Amritsari guy’s” Netflix debut.

What sets an entertainer apart from stunning talent and magnetic stage presence is an iconic catchphrase. “If you smell, what the Rock is cooking…” remains one of the most popular ones in sports entertainment.

Back in India, comedian and TV show host, Kapil Sharma has decided to make “I am not done yet” his life-capturing tagline. Hailing from Amritsar, the stand-up comic has risen through the famed and flawed entertainment world to reach unimagined heights. He had his falls too and still rose back. Remember. He is done yet.

Music composer and social media celeb Yashraj Mukhate has scored a special number for Sharma’s upcoming Netflix stand-up special (28 January 2022). It plays on the “not done” bit and don’t you dare miss the nods to Sharma’s run-in with the law courtesy of his tweets and his love for a peg which are now a must-talk part of his life.

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