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YES Securities' #GiftHerTheFuture campaign promotes mothers' resilience and encourages to pursue careers

As a part of the campaign, it is also offering part-time jobs for mothers to assist them in shaping their future and pursuing their dreams.

YES Securities, a financial services company, is excited to launch its Mother's Day campaign, #GiftHerTheFuture as a tribute to the idea that mothers are more than just moms.

The campaign aims to inspire mothers to take the first step towards shaping their future while managing their motherhood responsibilities.

The campaign invites mothers seeking part-time employment to explore opportunities with YES Securities. The company is eager to welcome applicants who are motivated to balance career growth with family responsibilities.

Through an ad film, YES Securities aims to empower mothers and support the idea that they are capable multitaskers who can simultaneously nurture their families and pursue their career goals. The ad film campaign is live across all social media platforms of YES Securities.

Speaking about the campaign launch, Anshul Arzare, managing director & CEO of YES Securities India, says, "We strongly believe that motherhood is about empowering women to reach their full potential and bringing out their versatility. Our #GiftHerTheFuture campaign is a testament to the strength of mothers and an invitation to explore new horizons without compromise. We believe every mother deserves a chance to follow her passion beyond daily duties. Hence, as part of our Mother’s Day campaign, we are opening our doors to mothers who are seeking part-time job opportunities. We hope our campaign will encourage homemakers to take the first step towards shaping their future and chasing their dreams."

The #GiftHerTheFuture campaign aligns with YES Securities' commitment to women's empowerment and social progress. Through initiatives like investor education and financial awareness sessions, the company continues to make contributions to the empowerment of individuals and communities across the country.

Further, the company is committed to fostering an inclusive work environment that allows individuals to thrive professionally while prioritising their family commitments.

Join YES Securities in celebrating Mother's Day by embracing the spirit of #GiftHerTheFuture.

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