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YouTube rolls out global campaign to promote YouTube Shorts

The 30-second musical spot features music from BTS, The Weeknd and Camila Cabello.

YouTube has launched a global campaign to boost awareness about YouTube Shorts, its short-form video feature. The ad showcases how creators can use YouTube Shorts to add their own take on trending music.

The 30-second musical spot starts with The Weeknd’s 'Take My Breath' playing in the YouTube mobile app. By tapping the ‘Create’ button, you can put the song in your own ‘Short’. Other songs in the ad include ‘Permissions to Dance’ by Korean boy band BTS and Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello’s ‘Don’t Go Yet’. The film was created by YouTube’s internal creative team and the agency Interesting Development.

Short video formats are already on a rise, with YouTube Shorts clips being viewed up to 15 billion daily on the app. As rival TikTok is banned in India, YouTube seems intent on pushing Shorts ahead, as it aligns with user trends, besides providing TikTok-like features.

The campaign will run across YouTube, YouTube TV and social media platforms, including Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and also TikTok.