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ZEE encourages mothers to vote for themselves on Mother's Day with #MaaKaVote campaign

The film stresses mothers' need to reflect on aspirations, celebrate simple joys, and prioritise themselves at least some of the times.

ZEE, India's media & entertainment conglomerate, has released a touching Mother's Day film, with a heartfelt message for mothers to also think about themselves for once - that amidst the ceaseless duties of motherhood, it's crucial for moms to pause, reflect on their own little hopes and aspirations, and celebrate the simple joys of life that bring them happiness.

The film underscores how mothers often lose sight of their own identity while prioritising the needs of their loved ones. This Mother's Day, the ZEE Network urges mothers to vote for themselves and reclaim moments of self-discovery, embrace the small pleasures in life, and listen to the whispers of their own hearts. It is a tribute to the giving nature of mothers worldwide, urging them to embrace their individuality and prioritise self-care amidst the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

ZEE’s content design approach rests on building an intimate understanding of the viewer and telling stories that reflect themes that are closest to their heart. As the role of mothers evolves in society, ZEE’s content depiction has moved from traditional portrayals of a mother as a self-sacrificing nurturer to more contemporary narratives that showcase mothers becoming more self-aware, looking after themselves, voicing their own choices and sharing their opinions. This shift is brought to life by some of ZEE’s most loved mothers such as Bhawani of Zee TV’s Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye, Tulasi from Zee Kannada’s Shrirasthu Shubhamasthu and Vasundhara from Zee Marathi’s Punha Kartavya Aahe.

ZEE’s social media clout boasts of a staggering 191 million followers and subscribers, fuelling 18.4 million organic interactions and 3.5 billion organic monthly video views. This contributes to 38% SOV on social, making ZEE the No. 1 broadcaster in the digital realm.

Ashish Sehgal, chief growth officer – Advertisement Revenue, ZEE said, “Television is undoubtedly the most trusted medium for viewers and brands. Advertisers have an opportunity to not only leverage the reach and deep regional strength of ZEE but also engage meaningfully through our social and digital assets, where we have built a strong community of followers. This community can spark meaningful conversations with inspiring characters and stories that align perfectly with the brand's ethos, helping strengthen the brand's connection and driving desired brand actions.”

Kartik Mahadev, CMO & head of OptimiZEE said, “The emerging GEC viewer is changing at a rapid pace and so are their content expectations. There is a distinct shift from ‘Duty’ to ‘Desire’ where women are beginning to make choices based on what they ‘WANT’. Our content innovation is driven by many such emerging consumer themes. Through authentic storytelling that is rooted in empathy, our characters address important societal needs, resonating with viewers on a deeper level. Our narratives provide the perfect context for brands to engage with their target audience, fostering meaningful dialogue and connection. One such example is our focus on 'self-care,' where we emphasise that it's not a luxury but a necessity for mothers to at least occasionally prioritise themselves. Our campaign #MaaKaVote showcases many such moments from our shows that will enable brands to build emotional resonance, join the conversation and engage with their target audiences.”

ZEE extends an invitation to brands that are eager to forge authentic connections with their audiences, to join forces with its dynamic community, aspirational characters, and culturally resonant narratives to harness the power of storytelling.

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