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Zivame releases new ad in stand-up series featuring comedienne Mallika Dua

This is the third in a series of ads which are stand-up sketches by comediennes, talking about the problems that they face as women.

Zivame’s third video in the stand-up comedy route in association with comedienne Mallika Dua highlights the lack of choices in sizes, styles and colours for curvy women. It also calls out the glaring lack of inclusivity within this segment.

"Even scooters have more colour options than bras for plus-sized women. You all are still taking us for a ride," Dua jokes in the skit, asking why curvy women had their lingerie options restricted to shades of grey, beige and white.

The product being plugged in Dua's ad is Zivame’s True Curve collection built for curvy women, which aims to plug this gap in the market. It is a range of lingerie especially designed to solve curvy problems, and provide adequate support and coverage without compromising on style.

This is Zivame's third ad in the series of ads it has been creating in association with stand-up comediennes. Each ad highlights a unique problem that women face with various pieces of apparel. The first ad featured Aishwarya Mohanraj.

The piece by Mohanraj focused on real life challenges and embarrassment faced by women due to bra outlines being visible, restricting their choice of outerwear.

The second ad featured Prashasti Singh and attempted to create awareness about the problems women face wearing regular petticoat, and how Zivame’s saree shapewear was built to offer an alternative solution.

Zivame isn't the first major brand to use stand-up comics in advertising pieces. In 2014, Nestle's coffee brand Nescafe use a stand-up comic, named Rishi, who had a stammering problem.

The main difference between Zivame's campaign and Nescafe's approach is that the latter's ad highlights the struggles and challenges that stand-up comics face when they are trying to make it big. Rishi's sketch isn't entirely self-deprecatory in nature, but is frank and straightforward, in an attempt to strike a chord with the audiences and ends with a Nescafe coffee product integration.

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