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Zomato makes a cameo in Armaan Malik's music video

The song titled 'Tu/You' features a short animated music video with Zomato playing cupid between two coworkers.

Armaan Malik's latest song is a romantic soft number that's over a minute long. A love story unfolds between two co-workers with an unlikely cupid in between - Zomato. The food delivery app makes a cameo in the music video more than twice.

The first appearance is of the Zomato delivery person as he hands a parcel over to the bearded protagonist as a woman shyly looks on. Only when he takes the parcel in his hands does he realise it's not his order at all. He wanders through the office looking for 'Swati' - to whom the order belongs. When he finally spots her, he notices that its the same woman who was watching him at the time of the delivery. She smiles at him again.

The love story between the two animated lead characters blossoms over shared pizza, momos and noodles. The video has been uploaded to Sony Music's YouTube channel, and has been promoted on social media too.

This isn't the first time Zomato has made an appearance in a music video. In 2021, Bangladeshi singer Tesher and American singer Jason Derulo premiered the music video for the track 'Jalebi Baby'.

When the song begins, we catch a brief glimpse of Lyft, a San Francisco, US-based ridesharing company. In the music video, Tesher and Derulo work as waiters in a restaurant that seems to specialise in serving (Indian sweet) jalebis.

When Tesher drops a plate of jalebis that he was about to serve, we see him hurriedly order some more from Zomato. As the delivery man places the signature red box on the table, we see the waiter replacing and serving the sweets to the customers.

A screenshot from the Jalebi Baby music video
A screenshot from the Jalebi Baby music video

As for Malik, this is the singer's second branded video in recent times. In late August 2022, Coca Cola India and Coke Studio has dropped its latest track - a collaboration across continents. Armaan Malik was the main singer for the track titled 'Memu Aagamu' which also features Telugu actor Allu Arjun and South Korean girl band TRI.BE.

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