Ananya Pathak

Zomato's co-founders Deepinder Goyal, Gaurav Gupta in IPL spots: "Food delivery safe hai"

In two separate ads with identical scripts, the co-founders appear on-screen for 15 seconds each to deliver the message from Zomato.

If you have been glued to the screen during the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL), you would have also seen leading food delivery app Zomato’s co-founders Deepinder Goyal and Gaurav Gupta reassuring people that ordering food online is safe.

In two individual spots, both 15 seconds long, created in-house by the brand, the co-founders appear against a red backdrop, in a branded black T-shirt. With identical scripts, both the films open with the co-founders saying, “This is a message from Zomato.”

Other than stating that food delivery is safe, both Goyal and Gupta also mention that last year (2020), the brand’s delivery partners delivered crores of orders safely. They also ask the viewers to stay at home and stay safe.

It is the first time that the co-founders have appeared in a campaign for the brand. Companies like Trivago, Xiaomi, Paytm, to name a few, have already used their own people (employees) to create buzz.

Abhinav Kumar, Trivago’s former country manager - India, made headlines earlier when he appeared on-screen asking, "Kya kabhi aapne online hotel search kiya hai?" It got people wondering who the guy appearing in the brand’s (then) ads was.

So much so that even today, when he has moved on from the brand, he is still referred to as the ‘Trivago guy’ by many. Kumar today is VP, marketing at Paytm.

Kumar recently appeared in an ad for Paytm to raise awareness on how safe instant online money transfer is.

Xiaomi has also used its vice president Manu Kumar Jain in ads. Jain posts incessantly about the brand on social media, and has even danced and rapped in brand communication.

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