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Zomato’s data-backed campaign ritualises food ordering, allots cuisines to days of the week

The cuisine attached to a day is the most ordered on that particular day of the week. Like, Mondays are for healthy food and Saturdays are for Biryani.

Leading food delivery app Zomato’s ongoing ad campaign associates each day of the week with a particular cuisine. The brand has put out ad films for each of the seven days of the week. For example, Mondays are for healthy eating, Wednesdays are for Oriental food, Thursdays are for Italian cuisine, Saturdays are for Biryani, and so on.

Each film ends with a quirky nudge ‘toh aaj mangaya kya?’, urging users to go ahead and order that particular cuisine. While the films play with the days and dates, it seems like Zomato’s way of ritualising food ordering, giving the habit a structure, or pattern. Food brands have, in the past, tried to own specific meal times of the day, like breakfast, lunch, etc.

Unsurprisingly, with the food ordering data and behavioural patterns Zomato has access to, this campaign is also backed by numbers. A Zomato spokesperson tells afaqs! that the selected cuisines are some of the most ordered ones on the platform. Over that, these are attached to the days they are ordered the most.

To encourage ordering, the platform has also put forward specially curated top cuisines as well as multi-cuisine restaurants. These are then backed by offers and special discounts.

“We realised that last year (2020) was excruciating and only a few things brought joy to our lives. Food was somewhere near the top, if not at the top. With ‘toh aaj mangaya kya?’, we are extending the love for food through great offers and different cuisines, and are asking our customers to experience this joy more often,” the spokesperson added.