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ZooZoos tell users to wash hands, stay home, avoid fake news

A new set of ads from Vodafone and Ogilvy use ZooZoos to spread awareness about social distancing, fake news and handwashing.

In these trying times of social distancing and stay-at-home lockdowns, citizens have been confined to their homes and are completely dependent on telecom networks to study, work, access essentials, source information and entertainment. To ensure that people stay home, follow social distancing and don't fall prey to fake news, Vodafone has brought back its popular mascots from the past - the ZooZoos.

Vodafone has been communicating with its customers under two broad themes - #StayHomeGoDigital and #HereForYou. Under the first theme, Vodafone has been communicating about the various ways customers can utilize the benefits of the brand’s digital touchpoints. While #HereForYou is all about various initiatives that VIL has undertaken to ensure that customers have access to connectivity.

Kiran Antony, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India said “People tend to seek familiarity in uncertain times to feel comfortable. And that is where loveable brand properties can play an important role. More than for the nostalgia factor, we also brought back the pug to stand out from rest of the ads delivering the same message. With some clever editing, we managed to re-purpose an old ad to deliver this important message.”

Vodafone recently released a new video featuring the pug with the #StayHomeStaySafe’ message. Telecom networks are the only window to the outside world, to just being in touch with other human beings, to staying connected to anything at all. Pug reinforces the importance of staying at home and staying connected with Vodafone in these difficult circumstances. The pug beautifully conveys the message - Our network is at home with you. Stay home, stay safe. Stay connected with Vodafone. #StayHomeStaySafe.

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