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Amul issues a statement after fungus in lassi video goes viral

The creator of the video claims that he found fungus in Amul Lassi packs.

The FMCG giant Amul made a statement to clear the air about the video which is doing rounds on Whatsapp and social media. In the video, the creator claims that he found fungus in the Amul Lassi packs even though they were not expired yet.

Amul issued a statement and stated it was fake. The company claimed that the video has been used to create misinformation and spread unnecessary fear and concern among consumers.

The Gujarat-headquartered company posted a tweet saying, "We notice in the video that the packs are damaged from the straw hole area. It can also be seen in the video that liquid is leaking from this hole. The fungus development in these packs is due to this hole which the maker of the video is most probably aware of." 

The company firmly denies the claims made in the video and urges consumers to not mislead by such false information. They also urged individuals to approach them directly for any clarifications or queries.

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