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Amul rubbishes claims of it setting up a slaughterhouse in Goa

It says the video circulating on WhatsApp and social media is false and belittles the contributions of lakhs of women dairy farmers.

Amul says a video claiming the dairy giant has set up a slaughterhouse in Goa is false and “has been used to create misinformation and spread unnecessary fear and concern among consumers.”

The video stars Lok Sabha member and animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi saying the dairy people know they’re the middlemen for the meat industry and that Amul set up India’s first slaughterhouse in Goa because it could not do so in Gujarat.

“We wish to assure you that 36 lakh farmers of Gujarat who own the brand Amul take care of their cattle as members of their family. They are provided with love, attention and veterinary care at every stage of their life,” states Amul in its response to the video (afaqs! cannot guarantee the authenticity of the video).

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