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Astral launches a comprehensive new paint line named Astral Paints

It has launched the first phase in Bengaluru and plans to expand itself across India in phases, starting with Karnataka and Gujarat.

Astral, an innovator in the building construction segment and building material company, is proud to announce the launch of its extensive new paint line, Astral Paints.

The brand by Astral offers an array of options to meet the needs of every painter, designer, and homeowner, featuring a diverse selection of colours, finishes, and specialised formulations.

After acquiring a majority stake in Gem Paints in 2022, Astral thoroughly prepared to enter the paint industry. The company has strategically launched its first phase in Bengaluru, leveraging three paint units. Moreover, the company will expand its paint line across India in phases, starting with Karnataka and Gujarat.

Sandeep Engineer, CMD of Astral, stated, “The launch of Astral Paints marks a significant milestone in Astral Limited's journey. It's a strategic move to diversify and solidify our presence in the ever-evolving Indian market. Our deep understanding and extensive experience within the building materials ecosystem give us a distinct advantage. We are confident that Astral Paints will revolutionise the industry with its versatile paints, extensive colour options, and unwavering focus on quality. Paints have always held a special place in my heart, stemming from my father's association with the industry. We embody Astral's core value – 'TRUST' – and deliver on our promise: 'The trust of Astral, now in Paints.”

Saumya Engineer, CEO of Astral Adhesives & Paints, added, “We are launching Astral Paints not merely to add a feather in Astral Limited’s cap, but to establish it as a leading business within the Astral Group. Our consistent and strategic approach has proven successful with our other ventures such as adhesives, construction chemicals, and bathware, and we will maintain this same momentum with paints. While we are not in a rush to go pan-India, we will strategically and incrementally introduce our products into different markets, with the aim of covering the entire country within the next three years.”

Astral Paints is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of applications, ensuring there is a solution for every project. The range includes decorative paints for interior and exterior emulsions in luxury, premium, and economy segments, under various product names: Elita, Esteema, and Styla for interior emulsions, and Extura Plus, Extura, and Raga for exterior emulsions. Additionally, Astral Paints offers a wide range of undercoats through primers and putties, synthetic enamels, and ancillary products like rollers and brushes.

Astral Paints also boasts an extensive colour palette, with over 1400 refreshing colours ranging from timeless classics to the latest trends, providing a selection to bring any vision to life. Understanding consumer needs, Astral has also introduced specialty paints, such as Kitchen Special Paint, which features high durability and oil-resistant properties.

The company hosted a launch event at a hotel in Bengaluru that saw the attendance of over 300 channel partners and featured the presence of promoters, the Engineer family, alongside the senior Astral team. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from all attendees, with the Engineer family unveiling the ‘Astral Paints Logo’ followed by the launch of the ‘Astral Paints Product Range’.

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