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Beyonce ventures into Hair Care world with Cecred

Beyoncé will be launching the new hair care line on February 20.

Beyonce, an American singer, songwriter and businesswoman, announces the launch of her new hair care line, Cecred, on Instagram. She shared a video featuring nostalgic home movie clips from her mother's salon, Headliners, in Houston, Texas – the place where Beyonce began her journey by sweeping hair.

Although specific details about Cecred's offerings are yet to be disclosed, the trademark request, filed in the summer of 2022, suggests a diverse range of products, including hair care preparations, vitamin supplements, and accessories, as mentioned in the CNN report.

The Instagram video features a projector screen that displays glimpses of childhood memories: Beyonce in a pink tracksuit exploring the salon floor, Tina Knowles (Beyonce's mother) elegantly dressed and waving to the camera with her young daughter. The clip also contains footage of hair washing, braiding, and silk presses.

Beyonce's caption unveils the brand name, Cecred, emphasising the sacredness of hair. “Hair is sacred. The journey begins Feb 20," the post reads.

In 2021, Beyonce spoke about women entrepreneurs in the field of hair care in an interview with Harper's Bazaar. She said, “There is power in community, and I saw that growing up the daughter of a salon owner. I was exposed to so many entrepreneurial women that I admired. Doctors, business owners, artists, teachers, mothers — they all came through my mom’s salon. I saw firsthand how a salon can be a sanctuary for women.”

“I’ve seen how much Black women’s emotions are attached to our hair and beauty. The beauty industry does not always understand these emotions and what we need. I want to build a community where women of all races can communicate and share some of those secrets, so we can continue to support and take care of each other. I want to give women a space to feel their own strength and tell their stories. That is power,” Beyonce further added.

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