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Elon Musk's Tesla files trademark infringement case against Indian battery maker 'Tesla Power'

The lawsuit seeks damages and a permanent injunction to cease the use of the Tesla brand name by the Indian company.

Elon Musk's Tesla has initiated legal action against Tesla Power, an Indian battery manufacturer, accusing it of trademark infringement. The lawsuit, presented in the Delhi High Court, aims for compensation and a permanent prohibition on the utilisation of the Tesla brand name in the marketing of the Gurgaon based company, as reported by Mint.

Tesla Power India is based out of Gurgaon (APAC office) with the global headquarters in Delaware, USA. It manufactures lead acid batteries.

In court proceedings, Musk's Tesla informed that it became aware of the Indian company's use of its brand name in 2022 and attempted to halt such usage. However, faced with persistence from the Indian entity, Tesla resorted to legal action. Despite receiving a cease-and-desist notice in April 2022, the Indian company, Tesla Power India, allegedly persisted in promoting its products under the 'Tesla Power' and 'Tesla Power USA' trademarks.

In its defense, Tesla Power asserted that its business operations do not intersect with the production of electric vehicles and there is no intention to mislead consumers. Additionally, Reuters reported a statement from a representative of Tesla Power stating that the company had been established in India long before Musk's Tesla entered the scene and had obtained all necessary government approvals.

Following the submission of documents defending its stance, the court has granted the Indian firm three weeks to file a written response. The next hearing in the Tesla India trademark case is set for May 22, 2024.

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