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Indian fragrance brand Eze Perfumes makes global debut with launch in US market

Eze Perfumes has expanded its retail footprint to several places, including Panama, Colombia and Mexico.

A year since its launch under Incredible Indriya, Eze Perfumes, the direct-to-consumer (D2C) perfume brand from Sawai Fragrance, has started its expansion plans to go global by foraying into the US markets. This move signifies its ambition to cater to discerning consumers worldwide and underlines its vision to establish India as a prominent fragrance hub on the global stage, by showcasing the legacy and advancement of Indian perfumery through its products.

With a commitment to excellence and a rich heritage of crafting fine fragrances, Eze Perfumes has unveiled its carefully crafted collection of 8 fragrances- 3 for men - Eze Nomad, Eze Surge and Eze Elation, 3 for women – Eze Joy, Eze Flow, Eze Awe and 2 in the unisex category- Eze Vibe and Eze ID.

In addition to its online presence, Eze Perfumes has established a robust retail network in the US, with products available in 400 Fragrance Outlets as well as 100 South America by Top Brands (Luryx duty free stores), ensuring widespread accessibility for consumers nationwide. Building on its global success, Eze Perfumes has expanded its retail footprint to several places, including Panama, Colombia and Mexico, consumers worldwide.

Kanishka Jain, director at Incredible Indriya, said, “Expanding into the US markets marks a significant milestone for Eze Perfumes. As staunch supporters of the Made in India initiative, we are thrilled to introduce our authentic home-grown fragrances to a global audience. Our perfumes are a testament to India's rich olfactory heritage, crafted with precision and passion to offer a truly immersive sensory experience. Eze offers something for everyone and we are excited to present a Made in India perfume to international consumers.”

Pushkar Jain– CEO of Sawai fragrances India and founder of Eze Perfumes said, "Bringing Eze Perfumes to the global stage is not just about expanding market presence; it's about showcasing India's centuries-old tradition of perfumery. This brings us to closer to our vision of putting Indian fragrances on our global map. Our journey signifies the fusion of heritage with innovation, a testament to our commitment to excellence in fragrance craftsmanship."

Adding to this Purvi Jain– CEO Sawai Fragrances USA, added, "Leading the introduction of Eze Perfumes into the American market is an exhilarating journey. Our dedication goes beyond selling perfumes; it's about narrating the captivating story of Indian perfumery tradition. Eze Perfumes encapsulate the essence of India's diverse landscapes, cultural vibrancy, and centuries-old craftsmanship. Our aim is to redefine olfactory experiences for American consumers, offering an immersive sensory journey into India's aromatic heritage."

Eze Perfumes launched in India on March 11, 2024 in Mumbai. The name ‘Eze’ draws inspiration from an Igbo term in Nigeria, signifying ‘king’. The incorporation of the letter ‘e’ in the name is reflected in the spherical design of the vibrant-coloured bottles, featuring a glass base and a click-on cap.

In India Eze Perfumes is available on Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa, Flipkart, Meesho, Smytten, Reliance Centro, and its website.

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