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Japanese pop culture icon Hello Kitty set to enter India

Sanrio appoints Dream Theatre as the licensing agency in India, and plans to launch content, products, and cafes starting this year.

Hello Kitty, one of the Japanese brands, celebrates the 50th anniversary in 2024! As part of the celebrations, parent company Sanrio has an array of plans for the Indian market. Sanrio is making India center-stage for Hello Kitty and is taking the Kawaii culture craze to the next level.

Hello Kitty has been a part of Indian subculture, with brand recognition not only as fashion and lifestyle icon, but she crosses all generations to embrace younger kids with a wide array of products from toys to apparel or stationery.

Kawaii, a Japanese term that loosely translates to cute and adorable, is a fashion trend that originated in the 70s. Its aesthetic is marked by playfulness, simplicity, innocence and Hello Kitty with her cuteness and sweetness with the red bow on her left ear and no mouth is one of the most recognisable symbols of kawaii culture globally.

Pastel colours, playful designs, bows and adorable friends make Hello Kitty a universal symbol of Kawaii. Hello Kitty champions the values of kindness, positivity and friendship, making her the brand ambassador for Gen Z, Gen Alpha and Millennials, who hold the same values dear.

With Hello Kitty marking its 50th anniversary, Sanrio and Dream Theatre, the agent that represents Sanrio brand in the Indian market, are gearing up to spread the magic of Hello Kitty and Kawaii on a mammoth scale in India.

Sanrio has been working towards creating a strong, licensing program for Hello Kitty that cuts across generations and speaks to kids, teens and young women to create not just a consumer products program, but a deeper India relationship for growing the brand and have multiple touch points and experiences across content, social media, ground events and strategic partnerships with brands and retailers.

Talking about the exciting plans ahead, Silvia Figini, chief operating officer Sanrio GmbH– EMEA, India and Oceania and Mr Men – Worldwide, said, “Hello Kitty is in the forefront of Sanrio’s global licensing business and in its 50th year, its stronger than ever in our leading markets of Japan, Europe and the US. Our collaborations in fashion and lifestyle with international brands and celebrities makes Hello Kitty one of the most fashionable global IPs and our values of kindness, friendship and cuteness makes us resonate with fans of all ages. We are excited to bring the world of Hello Kitty now to India and with our India focus create meaningful relationships with partners and fans here.”

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