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NCPCR asks Bournvita to remove 'misleading ads'

As per the complaint received by the body, it was informed that Bournvita contains high amount of sugar and substances which may have a harmful impact on the health of children.

The manufacturer of Bournvita, Mondelez International India, has been asked to evaluate and remove all "misleading" ads, packaging, and labelling from their product by the National Commission for the Protection of Children's Rights.

In a letter to the president of Mondelez International India, the NCPCR said that it had received a complaint alleging that Bournvita, which bills itself as a health powder or health drink, has a high percentage of sugar and other ingredients that may be detrimental to children's health.

"In this regard, the Commission notes that the packaging and advertising of the product made by your company mislead consumers. Furthermore, the labelling and packaging of your product do not accurately reflect the ingredients used in the product — Bournvita,” the letter dated April 21 said.

Furthermore, according to the FSSAI rules and regulations as well as the Consumer Protection Act, the product does not display disclosures that are required to be made.

The commission stated that the product in question does not "prima facie" adhere to rules regarding display of method of preparation and number of portions to be served when it is related to the health benefits claimed, citing sections of a notification issued by FSSAI on Food Safety Standards (Labelling and Display).

Additionally, it stated that the product lacks a disclaimer or warning that describes the adverse effects of consuming such a mixture or formula on minors, which is presumptively a violation of the Consumer Protection Act of 2019.

The Commission further informed the company that it has written to the chief commissioner of the Central Consumer Protection Authority and the chief executive officer of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) requesting that they take the appropriate measures.

An argument started earlier this month when a social media personality questioned Bournvita's potential health advantages. He asserted that the common milk additive for kids has a high sugar content and that consuming it increases the risk of developing diabetes and cancer. He did, however, remove the video after receiving a legal warning from the business on April 13. Also, he apologised on Instagram, and his Twitter account has been suspended.

Although Bournvita's components are listed on the product's back, the business stated in a statement that Bournvita is best enjoyed with a glass of 200 ml of hot or cold milk, as indicated on the package. "Each serving of 20 grammes of Bournvita has 7.5 gm of added sugar, or roughly 1.5 teaspoons. This is significantly less than the daily recommended sugar intake limits for kids, it had stated.

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