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Saffola now a ₹2,000 crore-plus brand, says Saugata Gupta : Report

The company's food business grew by 31 per cent in the latest December quarter.

As per the report published in 'mint', Marico's food division is showing signs of growth, and Saffola, the company's flagship brand, has seen its value surpass $2 billion. Company's MD & CEO, Saugata Gupta, also highlighted that economy has moved past the worst of inflation and threw FMCG sector is on a growth trajectory now. In tandem with the resurgence of the rural market, the sector is gradually rebounding.

"Gupta stated, "Overall for FMCG, we expect a steady rebound, but that has to be led by rural. I think the worst is gone. Urban has done okay. When combined, the Saffola master brand is worth more over 2,000 crores "PTI was told by Saugata Gupta.

In his opinion, the rural FMCG market would turn around within the next two to three quarters. It has decreased during the past four to five quarters.

The food industry, according to Saugata, is still doing well. The home and personal care area, however, is having some difficulty mostly because of last year's high inflation. Marico MD anticipates "greater margins" on the top line due to declining inflation.

In his opinion, the next two to three quarters would see a turnaround in the rural FMCG sector. The last four to five quarters saw a deterioration.

A further point made by Saugata was that the food sector is still doing well. The category for personal care and household goods, however, is having some difficulty. largely as a result of previous year's high inflation. Marico MD anticipates "greater margins" in top-line revenue as a result of falling inflation.

Already doing well is general commerce. In contrast, the modern trade and urban market are returning to their pre-COVID levels. Even while he acknowledged that inflation and currency headwinds will hinder his company's growth, he voiced confidence in the country's future for the business. Saugata asserted that his company would maintain its resiliency and be sure of double-digit constant currency growth.

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