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Shilpa Shetty Kundra dives into apparel sector with Zip Zap Zoop

Shetty has partnered up with Ashmika Sadh to venture into Kids clothing with this new brand.

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra has started a new journey in the world of kid’s fashion with her latest venture Zip Zap Zoop. Partnering up with Ashmika Sadh, an expert in manufacturing and exports, Shetty is introducing a new venture for the little ones.

Zip Zap Zoop is a clothing line for kids and teenagers aiming to redefine the industry landscape combining both Shilpa’s strengths as an artist, a fashion icon, and a mother and Ashmika’s knack for entrepreneurship and industry expertise.

Shilpa’s enthusiasm for this venture stems from her concern about providing safety and comfort to children with the help of sustainable clothing materials which are chemical-free and easy on the younger ones' delicate skin as well as the environment.

”I have always wanted to understand the manufacturing process, whether the dyes are chemical free, the fabric is azo-free, friendly for kids as well environmentally sustainable,” says Shilpa.

Co-founder Ashmika Sadh makes Zip Zap Zoop a 100% transparent brand, with 100% quality control over the process of production. Ashmika adds, "Everything is ethically sourced, because we don’t allow any compromises for the children. We have introduced some special kinds of fabrics in our line of clothing which are extremely soft, comfortable & hypoallergenic, suitable for children who have sensitive skin allergies. As we move forward, we will share more about our processes.”

Expressive Fashion For Kids is the motto of Zip Zap Zoop and staying true to the motto, the brand has introduced a lineup that brings out the individuality and uniqueness of each child, helping them feel comfortable in expressing themselves to the fullest.

80% of the collection comprises sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and recycled polyester which have a lower environmental footprint and less wastage.

Shilpa adds, “We want to launch with this variety of styles because we do not want any customer to be excluded from our world. We are combining fashion with functionality so that every child can wear their personality. To cater to every individual style, we need to go all out for our customers. We intend to build a loyal customer base in the coming months."

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