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Walmart announces to relaunch its private-label fashion line 'No Boundaries'

Walmart will relaunch its 30-year-old private-label fashion line in July 2024.

Walmart announced to relaunch its private-label brand, 'No Boundaries,' targeting Gen Z customers to better compete with rivals and enhance cross-selling opportunities, as mentioned in a report by Reuters.

Denise Incandela, executive vice president of fashion at Walmart U.S., revealed at a New York conference that the 30-year-old brand will make its comeback in July, featuring popular Gen Z styles such as oversized tees and baggy jeans. 'No Boundaries' currently generates $2 billion in annual sales for Walmart.

The range of 130 items will include men's and women's wear, intimates, shoes, and a plant-based bra with pads made from 75% sugarcane, a Walmart spokesperson said. She added that 80% of the products will be priced below $15, with items like printed tees, shirt tail dresses, and short shorts available for $5.

"We are going after this Gen Z target market in a big way," Incandela said at the CommerceNext conference in New York, adding that the launch will be supported by a major marketing push on TikTok, Roblox, and Instagram.

The company says that its core customers are typically older than Gen Z—those born between 1997 and 2012—but it reports that it is increasingly attracting new demographic groups, driven by its strong presence in grocery. Over the past two years, high inflation and interest rates have led shoppers to focus on food and essentials, pushing Walmart's annual sales to record highs.

As more Gen Z customers visit Walmart for items like shampoo and bananas, the company gains a better opportunity to cross-sell other products, a Walmart spokesperson said. "We feel we are uniquely positioned to win with Gen Z because of our price points," Incandela stated.

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