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Zomato redefines food order experience with Zomato AI

Zomato AI is a foodie buddy that recommends dining options with unprecedented convenience.

Zomato introduces a groundbreaking innovation in the world of food discovery with the launch of Zomato AI. Transcending the boundaries of conventional chatbots, Zomato AI is an intelligent, intuitive foodie companion, designed to cater to users’ ever-changing preferences, dietary needs, and even their current moods.

One of the most exciting features of Zomato AI is its multiple agent framework. This unique feature equips Zomato AI with a variety of prompts for different tasks, essentially giving it multiple superpowers, ready to serve customers at any time. Explaining the framework on the blog, Zomato stated, “Craving a specific dish? Zomato AI will present you with a widget, listing all the restaurants serving your desired dish. Unsure about what to order? No problem! Zomato AI can suggest a list of popular dishes or restaurants, taking the guesswork out of your meal selection.”

Akin to chatting with a friend, Zomato AI takes the user experience to a new level by providing a seamless and a more natural texting style which is almost instant and lag-free. It allows customers to send multiple messages, to which Zomato AI will respond back in almost real-time. This unique feature sets Zomato AI apart from all other AI products that allow only one message at a time.

Proficient in handling complex queries, Zomato AI is designed to be users’ ultimate foodie friend. Stating information from the blog, “It's equipped to answer tough questions like ‘What should I eat when I'm hungover?’ or ‘Can I eat something that is high protein and low carb?’” Satisfying users' craving, Zomato AI helps in discovering the perfect dishes for their rumbling stomach.

Zomato AI is a groundbreaking innovation that will allow customers to discover the right food at the right time and has the potential to redefine food ordering experiences. This feature is gradually rolling out, exclusively for Zomato Gold customers. 

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