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Demystifying QR - a pressing need

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Company Brief
New Delhi, October 13, 2011

Quick Response Codes (fondly called QR codes) are two dimensional bar codes carrying information heavier than what the traditional bar codes carry. The advent of 'Smartphones' have made the implementation of QR codes a lot more easier and perhaps, this is why, without any ado, the marketers adopt them as an innovation in their marketing plans. Most of the smart phones have apps which can read these QR codes and redirect the user to the desired page/link. This helps the marketers tap the high visibility/ foot fall areas and direct the users to their online properties & measure the success of their campaigns.

Possible Worldwide has quickly adapted to the nuances of this technology and have been one of the first movers in the market to propose QR based activities for their esteemed clients. Possible Worldwide has developed or is in the process of developing interesting QR activities scaling from static WAP landing pages, to video based content and even mobile commerce.

Deepak Gandhi, Regional Director (West-India) at Possible Worldwide states, 'Although QR codes have been around for quite some time now, the knack of utilizing these codes to the fullest of their potential is still not understood in India. We are yet to see an exemplary implementation of QRCs that is worth calling an 'innovation'. What is important for us to realize is that the user is actually making an effort in those 4-5 clicks on his mobile. Not to forget the efforts made when there isn't a QR reader on his / her mobile- searching for a reader, downloading it, going inside a folder or further in the sub folder and putting it on is certainly a task. After all this, he expects to see some content which is unique to the mobile as compared to the print. Ironically, many QR codes still lead to websites non-compatible to mobiles. The least which can be done is to take him to a WAP landing page".

It is important for the marketers to realize that the inappropriate exploitation of QR codes may lead to the ruin of a very useful and innovative medium best utilized for driving visitors from offline to online media. There are very few instances of an appreciable output shown to the users upon scanning a QR code. The case of a leading Bollywood Magazine plays a very fitting example in this context wherein it showed a centre spread of an actor and right at the end of the section they had a QR code which when scanned would give users access to a video behind the making of the photoshoot. Undoubtedly, it was a thoughtful concept; however, we are in a land where the connectivity is often unpredictable. Hence, expecting a video to buffer easily on all mobiles unless on Wi-Fi / 3G is not viable.

CP Singh, Head, Possible Worldwide, India says "Possible Worldwide has developed several solutions around QR codes globally to boost e-commerce. For example, the Retail Stores putting up QR codes at high footfall areas like metro / bus stations where people can click and order the items of their choice. The concept has actually been used by Home Plus (formally Tesco) in Korea and their online sales increased by 130%
(Watch the case study"

Cutting to the chase, we can only hope that overtime we realize the true worth of QR codes & come up with innovations that truly can be a marketer's genius in blending offline mediums to online interactivity."

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