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Idea Cellular lets you experience 'Walk when you talk' online

The telecom brand has created a virtual character named Zac, to let users experience the relationship between walk, talk and fitness

Idea Cellular is using the interactive power of the digital medium to create an experience and showcase how a mobile call can lead a person to walk and become fit.

The telecom brand has developed a website, Walkwhenyoutalk.in; a Facebook application, 'Walk when you talk' and a virtual character, Zac, portrayed as a young, cool, smart, stylish and lethargic person, who chats on his mobile phone and wants to stay fit.

Idea Cellular lets you experience 'Walk when you talk' online
When users land on Walkwhenyoutalk.in, Zac introduces himself, "Hi, I am Zac, and I need to get fit and only you can help me get there." The website then guides users on how they can help Zac to become fit. They are requested to log in to their Facebook account, add the 'Walk when you talk' application to their profile and register their mobile phone number with the application.

Once registered, the next step requires users to call Zac, available at +91-9011100130. The mobile call functions like an IVR system, wherein a caller has to choose an option among the different styles of 'walk', such as in the park, on the highway or on a treadmill.

The mobile phone call and Facebook application are integrated to the extent that as soon as the user selects the type of 'walk', Zac starts walking in the Facebook application and burns calories.

Speaking to afaqs!, Roy Menezes, creative director, Tribal DDB, points out, "The integration of the Facebook application with the mobile phone is an indication of the seamless technology and out-of- the-box thinking capabilities of Idea Cellular." Tribal DDB handles the online creative part of Idea Cellular's campaigns.

He adds, "The idea of the Zac campaign is to engage and let the consumers experience the message of fitness through walking and talking."

To get users back to the Facebook application, the telecom company has also introduced a contest -- users who help Zac more in his quest for fitness will be rewarded. And the mantra to win the contest is to make more calls on Zac's number, so that he walks more to stay fit.

The application has an in-built 'Fitness Meter' to indicate the amount of effort put in by a user to make Zac fit.

Menezes indicates, without divulging too many details, that the telecom brand plans to use Zac as a long-term online property. He points out that the company will use Zac to remind people about a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from this, the company has also created a profile for Zac on Facebook and Twitter. Still in its nascent stage, the Facebook profile, available as 'Zac junior', has around 450 people as Zac's friends.

Idea Cellular will soon start promoting Zac through display advertising.

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