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Be a quitter, live your dreams!

The Franchise India campaign targets professionals with entrepreneurial dreams, and encourages them to translate their dreams into a reality.

Be a quitter, live your dreams!
Be a quitter, live your dreams!
Be a quitter, live your dreams!
Be a quitter, live your dreams!
"Be a quitter. Be the change" is Franchise India's new mantra, being promoted as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR), with the aim to help realise entrepreneurial dreams among Indians.

In a bid to help people live and follow their dreams, Franchise India, the integrated franchise solution company, has conceptualised the website, through which it urges people to quit their regular jobs if they do not enjoy it, and start something of their own. The campaign targets professionals aged 25-40 years. Digital agency Webchutney has designed the website for the campaign.

Talking to afaqs! Sachin Marya, chief executive officer and publisher, Franchise India, says, "All of us accumulate lot of dead weight in our lives. It can be a bad habit, it can be a negative mindset, it can be a job that provides livelihood, but deadens the soul. These are things that prevent us from living our dreams. We launched this CSR initiative to encourage people to quit the things that hold them back, that keep them from living their dream. The slogan we want to popularise is 'Be a quitter. Be the change'."

Upon landing on the homepage of the website, users are prompted to 'Start the Revolution' and are greeted with an absorbing video ( of real-life narratives of aspiring entrepreneurs who have faced their fears and quit. The video educates users about the philosophy of quitting.

The campaign is being leveraged through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to build traction and generate the necessary buzz among the people. The website also shares stories of famous quitters -- celebrities and those from everyday life, and let users follow those quitters on Twitter, and finally share their own stories to join their team.

Other interactive elements that guide users include a series of fun downloads like wallpapers that voice the campaign claims, sample resignation letters to help users quit their current jobs, and finally, a downloadable PDF file called Quitting for dummies, which is a step-by-step guide to help users quit their jobs.

Be a quitter, live your dreams!
Marya adds, "Every single day, professionals quit the fundamental joys and important things in life to carry on with the grind of their regular jobs. They quit freedom, family, friends, social life, and most importantly, their own professional or entrepreneurial dreams in exchange for the monotony of living another's dream."

Sattvik Mishra, group head, copy, Webchutney, explains, "The Quitters campaign was born from the insight that to quit is the first step to realise your worth. It is important to quit living another's dream in order to pursue your own. The campaign encourages users to weigh their options and say 'I quit'."

The Quitter campaign which was launched last month has zero media spends. Franchise India will provide the quitters with consultation, marketing strategy, and thought box to start their entrepreneurial ventures.

Saket Vaidya, vice-president, regional operations, Webchutney, says, "The process of quitting one's job and striking out on your own is contemplative and long-drawn; not something that can be done at the drop of a hat. The major takeaway from the campaign is the motivation sparked by this engagement to initiate reasons to quit, and start believing in oneself, to make things possible on your own."

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