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Digital has a new look

The launch of a new app for the channel will follow in January 2012.

NDTV Convergence has launched a new avatar of its financial and business portal It intends to be a one-stop destination for live market data, research and expert insight, and business news.

The website, which is focussed upon the fast-growing community of investors in the country, many of them first-timers, provides financial tools, easy and intuitive access to detailed and relevant data, and tips and knowhow to help power personal wealth creation. has a new look
The website launches with a brand new portfolio tool. It is a convenient, easy-to-use and very secure tool to track and plan not just an individual's wealth, but also that of his entire family, in one place.

Riding on its close, convergent relationship with the TV channel, the new website also brings the user the opportunity to interact one-on-one with experts and anchors, and get stock recommendations and tips in real-time on the popular programme Buy or Sell. The user can subsequently become a 'guru' in his own community on the Profit Board.

Speaking about the new look, Suparna Singh, deputy chief executive officer, NDTV Convergence, says that the revamped website will help to amplify traffic. "This will also help us launch our app, probably in the month of January," she adds.

Live TV experience is still a showcase of the site, along with a new, enhanced video podcast. The user can also view every episode of his favourite show at leisure, with just one click. will also bring real-time coverage of the business and economic stories of the day. Content from New York Times adds an incisive element to global news and analysis on the website, while regular live blogs catch the minute action of big-ticket stories and market dynamics.

The plethora of new features are all designed with a singular aim -- to present a clutter-free, non-intimidating experience as the user tracks markets live, gets expert views, and immediate insights on market dynamics, as well as a great viewing and reading experience.

Geodesic has collaborated on the website with NDTV Convergence as the technical partner. Geodesic brings to the table its decade-long expertise in building intuitive financial tools and solutions that are designed to encourage analysis by using advanced statistical engines and smart user interfaces.