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Tyroo unveils new look

The digital media agency plans to expand its services to Southeast Asia and West Asia.

In an attempt to reach out to global customers, online advertising network Tyroo Media unveiled its new corporate identity, along with a new logo.

The newly-unveiled logo of the online advertising network is now a lowercase treatment of the company name in bright blue. The logo integrates an image of an observing face into the text.

Tyroo unveils new look
Tyroo unveils new look
The company websites, and are live with the new brand identity, and Tyroo will now change the logo on its products, facilities, campaigns and marketing materials.

Tyroo's client portfolio includes brands such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, and

Tyroo, which was founded by Yahoo! and Smile Interactive Technologies in 2007, aims to strengthen its leadership position in the Indian ad network space. Yahoo! recently sold its 35 per cent stake in the venture to venture capital firm Xplorer Capital.

Tyroo has two arms - Tyroo Direct and Tyroo Audience. Along with re-branding, the company also plans to extend its services to advertisers, publishers and agencies for all devices, including mobiles, and tablets.

As part of the change, Nitin Chowdhary, business development head, India, Tyroo Audience, will now head the division globally. Also, Siddharth Puri, business development head of Tyroo Direct in India will be its global head.

Chowdhary says, "We have maintained the brand identity for about five years. However, we felt that with our growing business and plans to expand services to all devices, a new corporate identity was required. We will soon reach out to global markets such as Southeast Asia and West Asia."

According to Puri, the growth of the e-commerce potential in India, and the business opportunities it holds is quite significant. "We're strengthening all our attributes and will give our brand a contemporary look that is more relevant for e-commerce businesses today, and help e-commerce companies to boost their daily sales and performance," he says.

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