Nisha Menon

Rajinikanth's website does not need the internet

Webchutney has developed a microsite dedicated to superstar Rajinikanth for the Bollywood site that runs without the internet.

For superstar Rajinikanth, nothing is impossible. That's probably the reason why a website dedicated to the cult figure does not even need an internet connection to run!

Rajinikanth's website does not need the internet
, a site that specialises in movie reviews and provides content about the latest movie releases wanted to pay tribute to the southern superstar, it decided to do it in a manner that does justice to his larger-than-life image.

The brief given to digital agency Webchutney was simple -- create something special for the superstar on his 61st birthday. It had to be unique and big, as big as the might of the superstar himself, and one that will reflect Rajini's signature style!

The result was the microsite, which showcases facts and excerpts from the superstar's life and films. Visitors have to 'earn' the right to view the site, which is loaded with inside scoops, controversies, facts and famous jokes on conquering the impossible, and actions that no one else but Rajini can perform, across three sections on the site -- Rajinikanth the man, the superstar, and the legend.

Rajinikanth's website does not need the internet
Rajinikanth's website does not need the internet
But, for this, the visitor to the site has to disconnect his/her internet connection to enter the site. While browsing, if a user connects to the internet, a message pops up, which says, "This was unexpected. To keep browsing, switch off your internet".

The concept of the site is based on a complex algorithm running in the back-end that keeps an eye on the propagation of data/information packets between two terminals. 'Magic' kicks in soon as the broadband speed is down to zero, which is the basic premise on which the concept has been constructed.

Gurbaksh Singh, creative director, Webchutney, says, "Desimartini came to us with a clear mandate to do something extraordinary to increase outreach and visibility. Initially, we followed protocol and began exploring ideas in the social, mobile and digital space including augmented reality, but soon realised that nothing competed with the might of Rajini's on-screen and real-life persona. It had to be a simple concept that will baffle users to the point of disbelief, and then a miracle will occur to induce gasps of 'OMG!', in keeping with Rajini's original signature style. We knew we were on to something big as soon as we cracked the idea to create a website that will run purely on 'Rajini Power'.

Commenting on the idea behind the site which runs without internet, Amit Garg, business head, Firefly e-Ventures (wholly-owned subsidiary of HT Media and owner of, says, "To the grab attention of the online audience, we needed to show them something they've never seen before, and only a Rajini website holds the credibility to do so!"

Sudesh Samaria, national creative director, Webchutney, says, "The possibility of running a website without the internet has never been leveraged on such a scale. With a heady mix of foot-tapping music, vibrant splash of colours, quirky quotes and illustrations, and icons in true Rajini style and lingo, we knew that the campaign had all the right ingredients to go viral. The microsite showcases the true prowess of the superstar -- justifying his 'larger-than-life' image by making it happen online, but without the internet!"