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Delhi-based Grasshoppers launches digital arm, Grownups

Grownups will handle the online requirements of certain existing clients of Grasshoppers and is also close to signing new accounts; the digital agency will provide services such as web design and development, search engine optimisation, and social media, e-mail and viral marketing.

To meet the digital requirements of its existing clients and as the next logical growth step, Delhi-based agency Grasshoppers has launched its digital arm, Grownups. The digital agency will offer services such as web design and development, search engine optimisation, social networking, and e-mail and viral marketing.

Delhi-based Grasshoppers launches digital arm, Grownups
"Over the years, Grasshoppers has provided online support to its clients and has handled a few digital projects earlier. Initially, the work was outsourced. However, after encouragement from clients, we thought we might as well have a full-fledged digital agency," says Arjun, chief executive officer, Grasshoppers, in a conversation with afaqs!.

Grasshoppers ventured into the online space with a select few accounts such as Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust, World Phone, iDiscoveri and AISECT, whose products and services required internet marketing.

In addition to handling certain digital projects of Grasshoppers' clients, Grownups has already begun pitching for new businesses. While Arjun refused to disclose names, it is learnt that the agency is in the process of signing the digital mandates of two new accounts.

On the logic behind the name, Arjun says that it is a simple way to indicate how the business is growing. Grasshoppers also has a PR division called Greenthumbs.

"Moreover, from analogue to digital, we have grown up indeed, haven't we?" he says, remarking at Grownup's baseline - 'Aren't You?'.

"There used to be radios, and then came the television. And now, with computers as our primary source of knowledge sharing, the advertising industry has evolved onto a whole new platform. Internet has transformed our general outlook to what we all can do for a product or a service. 'Grownups' is how we, Grasshoppers, complete our gamut of services, in many ways 'growing up' with the industry," explains Arjun.

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