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Times Internet launches BoxTV, a premium online video service will offer entertainment content that will include movies, TV shows, short films and more; it will be available on web browsers as well as mobile devices.

After Satyan Gajwani, chief executive officer, Times Internet Limited (TIL) offered a glimpse of Box TV at ad:tech 2012 in New Delhi earlier this year, TIL has now finally announced the launch of

Times Internet launches BoxTV, a premium online video service
Box TV is a premium video service offering from TIL that will offer entertainment content including blockbuster movies, TV shows, short films and more. Users will be able to watch BoxTV content on regular web browsers as well as smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. has a 'freemium model' that will offer a part of the content on an ad-supported free-to-user-base, while the rest will be available on a monthly subscription basis. An invite-register page was put up in February by BoxTV while in August, an invite-only alpha preview of the product was launched. According to TIL, since February, it has accrued more than 50,000 invite requests and it continues to roll out more invites.

Gajwani tells afaqs! that the site will operate in a very premium manner with few but very rich ads. He says that the focus will be on offering a premium user experience.

The BoxTV player includes features like normal, wide and full screen modes of viewing content. It also packs a lights-off feature that gives users optimal viewing opportunity for high quality videos. It tackles connectivity issues with an auto-bandwidth optimiser for smooth running on low or inconsistent bandwidths for viewing, especially when the user is on the move.

When it comes to content, BoxTV will focus on getting Hollywood content to Indian users and taking local content to Indians living abroad.

BoxTV will not have any user-generated content, unlike other popular video streaming sites, but will be equipped with large components of social nature.

"BoxTV is a product with a user-centric design approach, backed by a large content bank with anytime-anywhere access for subscribers. We are very excited about the launch and the roadmap for the next few months as we add more users and content," Gajwani says.

He adds that currently, TIL is more focussed on a controlled growth and is initially targeting users who are already tech savvy. While he identifies the potential in online video consumption, Gajwani says for the initial two months, not much will be invested in marketing BoxTV. However, once the growth takes off and is steady, strategies will be thought of.

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