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9X Media Group launches online store for international music

This is the second online store by the group after a similar one for Bollywood music that was launched earlier.

Consumption of entertainment is truly going digital and it probably is seen most in the music space. While music piracy and illegal downloads have long been voiced against, solutions are being offered so as to appease the digital consumer without hurting the industry. Legal downloads are being welcomed by one and all. After all, if you cannot beat them, you join them!

9XO, the international music channel from the 9X Media Group, has launched its latest offering in the space with an online music store for international music at It has also created a WAP portal to download videos, wallpapers, ringtones and audio packs. These can be downloaded by texting 9XO to 56060.

9XO has partnered with TechZone, a leading aggregator, developer, publisher and distributor of entertainment content for the initiative. The store that went live on Wednesday boasts of a large collection of international music across genres with an obvious focus on contemporary music. This online music destination will allow users to stream as well as download audio content of their choice.

9X Media Group launches online store for international music
Vibha Gosher, senior vice-president, digital, 9X Media Group tells afaqs! that the timing is right for a launch like this as there is a lot of demand for international music and it has been noticed that international music labels are not pushed enough.

"In India, international music is seldom promoted in comparison to other genres of music content. Despite this, the consumption of international music on mobile is almost 5-7 per cent of the overall music content in the country. In the age of smartphones and tablets, great content, at an affordable price point powered by robust technology is a sure formula to make a significant footprint in the music industry. The availability of a large repertoire of international songs on the store will definitely make it the preferred destination for international music enthusiasts," says Gosher.

"Our entire TG (target group) lives on digital media in spite of television being the lead medium," she adds.

The online store is the second such initiative by the group. Earlier this year, a Bollywood music store was launched for 9XM partnering with Hungama. The players in the space are increasing significantly with demand for digital music - whether streaming or downloading - rising. There are of course, the usual competitors such as Flipkart's Flyte and Apple's iTunes store, among others.

On the initiative, Naveen Bhandari, director, TechZone, says, "We are glad to be associated with 9XO in creating this online web store. TechZone is the only player in India that has presence in the international music market and captures majority for mobile. Our users are mobile and internet savvy and the online store is a part of our efforts to make the entire gamut of international music available to consumers legally and at a very affordable price. We are sure to delight our users with the large library of songs and video titles available through our online store."

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