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Mogae Digital launches Mobiya Trader in India

UK-based technology company Mobiya specialises in development and operation of mobile services for the global classifieds advertising industry.

Taking further strides in mobile marketing, Mogae Digital has tied up with UK-based technology company Mobiya to launch a suite of mobile classifieds services in India with the Mobiya Trader platform.

Specifically designed for India and other countries where text messaging dominates the sphere of mobile communications and advertising, Mobiya Trader is a scalable full service platform. Initially, the focus will be on domestic jobs, while there are plans to launch property, matrimony and wider industry job services as well.

The Mobiya Trader platform will enable media partners to operate local and national marketplaces using mobile and online technologies. It will also provide marketing agencies with an inventory to connect with consumers directly on their mobile phones.

Job seekers, with the DomJobs service, can search for jobs and receive daily updates about matching ads using text messages. Employers too can advertise by merely texting the ads into the Mobiya Trader service.

Revenues will be driven by user subscriptions and mobile advertising.

Mogae Digital launches Mobiya Trader in India
On the development, Tanya Goyal, executive director, Mogae Digital, says, "DomJobs will help in the creation of jobs among blue collar workers through mobile phones. This service reaches job seekers in rural and urban communities as well as the employers in towns and cities, hence servicing as an effective marketplace."

Mogae further justifies the model stating how a large number of mobile phone users in India still do not have a smartphone or internet access and hence, texting remains the primary mode of communication on mobile. A lot of domestic jobs that will be pushed through the service were advertised locally in newspapers or by word of mouth, it adds.

"The Mobiya Trader platform is flexible and allows us to configure and roll out new classifieds services rapidly. This is important in a country with multiple languages, religions and cultural preferences, where we need to be able to create marketplaces that accommodate these differences whilst maintaining ease of use, speed and of course, making it fun to use," says Goyal.

Mogae Digital launches Mobiya Trader in India
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