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Smile Vun Group launches PrecisionMatch, a data service for display advertising

PrecisionMatch will provide online consumer behaviour data across various categories; operations have been launched in India, Southeast Asia and the UAE.

Digital media conglomerate Smile Vun Group, which has interests in Tyroo Direct, Tyroo Audience, DGM, Seventynine Mobi and Quasar, has announced the launch of yet another company, PrecisionMatch.

PrecisionMatch is claimed to be the first data provider for digital marketing in India, Southeast Asia and the UAE. The company will provide audience data for display advertising across various consumer segments and has launched its operations simultaneously in the three markets. PrecisionMatch will facilitate advertisers to extract and utilise data across categories such as auto, handsets, online buyers, travel and technology, among others.

According to Nitin Chowdhary, business head, PrecisionMatch, display advertising is losing the ROI race to search and social media in the absence of targeting options. He is of the view that PrecisionMatch will help fill this very need gap.

Smile Vun Group launches PrecisionMatch, a data service for display advertising

he says.

PrecisionMatch will use Adobe Audience Manager to analyse and demystify the online behaviour of consumers. Adobe will not only provide PrecisionMatch with scalable technology but will also integrate it as a part of Adobe's partner eco-system to deliver a complete digital solution to its customers in the region.

PrecisionMatch will utilise advanced data mining and analytics to identify prospective consumer segments for advertisers, generate actionable insights from aggregated data and develop consumers' online behaviour models.

Currently, PrecisionMatch has audience data on different consumer segments across three markets - high-end smartphone buyers in India, SUV buyers in India, holiday seekers in Singapore and auto enthusiasts and buyers in the UAE.

Smile Vun Group launches PrecisionMatch, a data service for display advertising
"Over 50 per cent of the web inventory globally is already on exchanges and this trend is accelerating. In the APAC, it is estimated to be 5-10 per cent and is rising rapidly. Additionally, in the APAC, the supply of inventory outstrips the demand by at least five times. In such a scenario, buying the right impression is critical to drive ROI, for which advertisers will need quality audience data.

PrecisionMatch is our resolution to make display advertising more effective in the APAC and the UAE by means of targeting data without destroying the ROI," says Manish Vij, founder, Smile Vun Group.

Marketers will be able to use PrecisionMatch data through their media partners such as demand-side platforms, agency trading desks and Ad Networks. PrecisionMatch already has advertisers such as Samsung, General Motors, Tata Motors, Ford, and in its portfolio and is looking to expand across other categories of advertisers.

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