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UK-based apparel brand Superdry chooses digital launch

Reliance Brands, the official licensee, has partnered with Brandmovers to launch the 'TweetFuel' campaign on Twitter for the brand launch to engage better with the cool and up-market Indian youth.

As UK-based apparel brand Superdry enters India, Reliance Brands, the official licensee of Superdry, has taken the digital route to create the right kind of buzz for the youth fashion brand within the given market.

Reliance Brands has partnered with Brandmovers, a social media management and digital engagement company, to launch the 'TweetFuel' campaign to target the premium segment of the Indian youth through Twitter.

UK-based apparel brand Superdry chooses digital launch
Superdry was launched in India late last month with a set of street drive events; and in a bid to extend the idea online and connect with the younger demographic, Reliance Brands, along with Brandmovers, came up with the campaign. The digital activity challenges users to express themselves and bring the iconic Superdry Morgan 3 Wheeler roadster to India, by converting their tweets to 'fuel' for the car. It is pertinent to note here that Morgan 3 Wheeler collaborated with Superdry to create the exclusive 'Morgan 3 Wheeler Superdry Edition' sports car globally. Only 200 of these cars were put into production, with the first being launched at Goodwood Festival of Speed (June 30 - July 3, 2011).

Talking about the insight behind the campaign, Suva Ghosh, director, Brandmovers India, says, "Since SuperDry was getting the Morgan 3 Wheeler Superdry Edition to India, we decided to do a digital drive of this car and hence, launched the TweetFuel campaign," he says.

As part of the campaign, Twitter users are asked to tweet the brand with a hashtag, wherein each tweet converts into virtual fuel for the car.

On the website ( essentially as tweets come in with a certain hashtag, all the tweets help in powering that car. The car travels through many locations including from one of the UK Superdry stores, crossing through the English Channel, reaching Paris, Dubai and then entering India. There are prizes unlocked during the journey - Superdry apparels. The final prize, which is yet to be given out, will enable some lucky winners to drive the car in Mumbai.

The campaign has already received more than 2,300 tweets and over 5.3 million impressions with the hashtags #Superdrive, #SuperdryMorgan and #10Songs4Superdrive.

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