Devesh Gupta

Trending: Connecting with the roots

L'Oreal India's music video titled 'Jad Se Judein' has got 1.8 million views within just two weeks of launch.

'Roots' give strength, not just physically but to the character, too. This is the central theme of a music video released by personal care brand L'Oreal India two weeks ago. Titled 'Jad Se Judein', the video indicates the importance of stronger roots, which has always been the brand communication of L'Oreal Shampoo.

Trending: Connecting with the roots
The video showcases three stories of an author, a daughter and a man, whose lives were influenced by others (teacher, mother and a childhood friend, respectively) who not just helped them but motivated them and made them happy. It shows how the protagonists remember the contributions of these people and go back to them to pay their respect.

The video is a part of L'Oreal's Stay Rooted campaign that aims to promote the Fall Repair 3X shampoo.

It was created by Supari Studios and has garnered more than 1.8 million views on YouTube within just two weeks of its launch.

The concept of the video is the brainchild of FoxyMoron, the digital agency of L'Oreal, and it used Twitter contests and Facebook for its promotion. The video also trended for two consecutive days on YouTube in the music section.

The strategy to get more views for the music video included both organic and paid hits. The agency initially uploaded the video on the Twitter account of Sonam Kapoor (also the brand ambassador for Fall Repair 3X shampoo) who has two million followers, Mohit Chauhan's Facebook page which has nearly two million fans and L'Oreal India's Facebook page that also has 2 million fans. Leveraging this strategy the agency got the video trending on YouTube.

On the paid hits side, it purchased hits on YouTube for any search related to Hindi Music songs and Mohit Chauhan songs.

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