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Viral Now: Dark humour on rape

A group of stand up comedians have come up with a satirical video that says 'Rape happens because of a woman's fault'.

Stand up comedy group All India Bakchod, along with Bollywood celeb Kalki Koechlin and VJ Juhi Pande, has come up with a satirical video titled 'It's Your Fault', with rape as it subject.

Viral Now: Dark humour on rape
The three-and-a-half minute long film tells that women are the biggest reason for rapes. Both Pande and Koechlin, who anchor the film, raise reasons such as provocative dressing, using mobile phones, working late, going out with boys and eating chowmien as some of the major reasons for rape. The video takes cue from the massive uproar caused due to several rape incidents and several absurd reactions on it from well known figures.

In just six days, the video has been viewed over a million times on YouTube and has gathered more than 4,500 comments. Interestingly, these comments are not just from Indians but from other parts of the world, too.

Speaking to afaqs!, Tanmay Bhat, member, All India Bakchod, says, "We have taken cue from the daily conversations of the society pertaining to rape. It was a difficult subject to make a video as we were worried that a satire may backfire on us and also, we were not sure how people would react to it. But to our surprise, the video is finding takers all over the world."

He adds that the group has not spent a penny for the promotions. It uploaded the video on YouTube and spread the word on Twitter and since then, the video has gone viral. While some attribute its success to the strong message, others add that the presences of Kalki and Juhi have definitely helped.

After the December 2012 Delhi rape case, Gillette had also released an ad film titled 'Soldiers Wanted' that made a strong statement on the subject of women's safety.

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