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Presentation: Top 10 instant messaging apps in the world

KRDS, a Europe-based social media agency, has come up with a presentation focusing on the top 10 chat apps across the globe.

Today chat apps are fast becoming a cause of worry for the telecom industry as their numbers are fast growing and causing a reduction not only in text messages but in the number of calls as well.

Presentation: Top 10 instant messaging apps in the world
Apps such as Line, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat and many others have flooded users with options to substitute calls and SMSes. Some of these are made by Japanese, Indian, Chinese and Israeli developers.

The global story is that the telecom industry has lost over USD 23 billion in 2012 alone to these apps. And, the early adopters of these apps are the youth.

The story for India is also similar, where most of these apps are seeing an upward trend in their user base, which is mostly attributed to the increasing usage of smartphones.

A report by KRDS, a European-based social media agency, suggests that the usage of these chat apps across the globe are growing fast. It suggests that 90 per cent of the population of Brazil uses these apps, while the number is 75 per cent for Russia and 50 per cent for Britain.

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