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Presentation: Pizza was the most ordered food in 2013

Delivery Chef, an online food ordering website, has released a study that states that 62 per cent of the total orders placed were for vegetarian food.

Ordering food is such a convenient way out when one is too tired to either cook or go out for a meal. From making a phone call to ordering online and placing orders through mobile apps, the consumer is spoilt for choice when it comes to getting food delivered at home.

Presentation: Pizza was the most ordered food in 2013
Delivery Chef, an online food ordering platform, has released a study on what people ordered in 2013. Based on orders placed through the website in 2013, the company has revealed that Pizza is the most ordered food in 2013. It is followed by Sandwiches, Fast food and Chinese.

Of the total number of pizzas that were ordered, 53 per cent were non-vegetarian pizzas. Moreover, amongst Sandwiches, the most ordered sandwich variety was Pizza Sandwich. Pepsi, interestingly, was the most ordered aerated beverage as per the study.

The website claims that it is visited by about 1.5-2.5 lakh people every month. With a sample of 80,000 between January, 2013 and mid-December, 2013, the company's study states that 62 per cent of the orders were vegetarian, while 36 per cent were non-vegetarian. It is learnt that the remaining 2 per cent orders placed were for flowers, Mithai packing boxes and other such accessories.

The company is based in Mumbai and takes orders from Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Bengaluru. Working with a network of more than 600 restaurants, the orders are generally taken between 11 am and 11 pm. The eating joints that have a tie-up with the website include restaurant chains like McDonald's, Faaso's, Mad over Donuts, Subway, Rajdhani, Mr Chow's, Zaffran, Café Mangii, Indigo Deli and Copper Chimney, and other area specific eateries like Pronto in Bandra, Mumbai.

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