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Viral Now: Manmohan Singh's FB Look Back, by UnRealtime

Published on February 10, the video has gathered more than 32 thousand Facebook Likes and more than 200 Tweets.

Facebook's personalised 'look-back' videos, launched on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the social networking site, was a hit with users.

"Theunrealtimes.com has, however, taken a step ahead to visualise the journey of the country's Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh."
Viral Now: Manmohan Singh's FB Look Back, by UnRealtime
The montage shows the important milestones in Singh's life, albeit with cheeky twists and comments in each visual, starting with Singh's political career and moving through events from his, Rahul Gandhi's and Sonia Gandhi's life, too. It also describes Singh's famous silence (most liked post '...', All the Time).

The UnReal Times intro on the page reads: "After 18 hours of non-stop work on his latest round of reforms, Dr Singh decided to take a break, logged on to Facebook, and discovered Facebook's new Look Back feature. His curiosity piqued, Dr Singh decided to check his own Look Back video and inadvertently shared it on his Facebook profile."


(Viral Now is a section about videos that are catching people's fancy on social media).

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