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Conde Nast revamps website

The travel magazine has revamped its website giving it a clutter free look, easy navigation and mobile device responsiveness.

Starting this week, Conde Nast Traveller has launched the revamped version of its website, The main idea behind the revamp is to make it clutter free, easily navigable and device responsive for mobile devices.

Conde Nast revamps website
Conde Nast Traveller focuses on using sharper and hi-resolution images in the site for the stories which are shareable and likeable. Experts and other opinion makers will now add to the stories published in the portal, giving the user more credible sources of information.

Another reason behind the revamp was to optimise usage on mobile devices. A research conducted by Conde Nast revealed that the site was receiving a lot of mobile traffic.

The group claims that it will be now able to double the traffic on its website.

Speaking on the change, Marc-Oliver Hausen, digital director, Condé Nast India, says, "The ecosystem for digital is fast changing in India, especially since the time we launched here. So it was high time we also changed our way and optimised the portal to be easily accessible using mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and others. Across the Conde Nast family, the mobile device traffic is one of the highest. Content elements rearrange to fit different screens sizes - from desktops to tablets and smartphones."

The new version will have updated city guides boasting a new Insider's section for ultimate tips from locals in-the-know. These include actor Rahul Khanna on Mumbai, chef Ritu Dalmia's suggestions on where to eat in New Delhi, and cricketer Jonty Rhodes on South Africa, as well as an extraordinary line-up of top bloggers, socialites and even royalty!

Conde Nast revamps website
The new portal will also have daily news and deals for its consumers, which will be curated by the editors and experts.

The portal also claims it will make planning and sharing a travel idea easy with the use of interactive toolbars such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Oona Dhabhar, MD, marketing, Conde Nast India, says, "Today digital plays an important part in our strategy and our base for digital consumer is fast increasing, hence this change. Earlier, the magazine was our focus, but now it is digital also."

To promote the revamped web portal, Conde Nast is also running a digital campaign titled 'Travel Bucket List' where it will share the bucket travel lists of 20 varied and well-travelled personalities such as Parineeti Chopra, Bollywood actor; Fatima Bhutto, journalist, Pakistan; Suhel Seth; Bose Krishnamachari, artist and others. The campaign urges people to go to and share the url of the bucket list they most like on their Facebook or Twitter accounts using this hashtag: #TravelBucketList and 5 lucky winners will get an all expenses paid trip.

Conde Nast Traveller was launched in India in 2010.The target audience of the magazine is aged above 30 years, who travels abroad at least two to three times a year and looks for a luxury travel experience.

The Indian edition is the magazine's sixth one. The first edition of the magazine was launched in 1987 in the US. Apart from the US and India, the magazine is published in the UK, Italy, Spain and Greece.

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