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LG: My Code My Style to promote Knock Code

The campaign aims to promote and spread knowledge about Knock Code, a new technology used to unlock a phone, in a simple manner.

In March 2014, LG had announced that it would send out a software update containing the new Knock Code feature for two of its most popular smartphones. Knock Code was one of LG's big new software features announced during Mobile World Congress, where it made its debut on both the G Pro 2 and the new G2 Mini.

LG: My Code My Style to promote Knock Code
LG: My Code My Style to promote Knock Code
LG: My Code My Style to promote Knock Code
LG: My Code My Style to promote Knock Code
Knock Code is a new technology used to unlock a phone. At the moment, phones are mainly unlocked using a PIN code, but Knock Code takes away the number aspect, and replaces them with a Morse code-style system of taps. In fact it does not require the screen to be on for unlocking. LG has found a way to keep the touch layer active, so no button presses are needed.

The digital campaign 'My Code My Style' launched by the brand aims to promote the Knock Code feature in India. The campaign is also being supported by a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag, #KnockCode.

The enhanced Knock Code feature will enable the user to switch-on the phone by just tapping on the screen using more than 86,000 combinations. The knock pattern can be entered on any area of the screen, whether the display is turned on or off - using anything between two and eight taps.

The innovative Knock Code is safer and more convenient than password-based phone unlocking as it rules out the possibility of PIN code theft and is also more responsive compared to bio-recognition systems, which are susceptible to variations in the environment.

For the launch campaign of this feature, LG has tied up with Eccentric Engine, a digital agency. The campaign attributes the various 'Knock Code' styles to the personalities and interests of people. Characters used include a footballer, a runner, a fashion star, a dancer and a fighter.

A series of five videos has been created, each personified by fingers. For instance, fingers were modelled as football players, running on the phone screen to score a goal and thereby using the 'Knock Code'.

The objective of the campaign is to make people understand the concept of Knock Code in a simple way through videos.

Amit Gujral, head, mobile phones marketing, LG India states that the Knock Code feature is almost impossible to crack. "Invisible phone tap patterns, single hand use convenience and no gimmicks like dotted patterns, visible numbers, face recognition or finger print scan base security mechanism would become a Habit by all LG L90 and L70 users to start with to be followed on all new upcoming LG Smart phones," he says.

"The first phase of LG's digital campaign focuses on individual's MyCodeMyStyle and #KnockCode as a teaser, and will be initiated with creative images. In the second phase of the campaign, a '2 videos per day' contest will be launched for the users, wherein there will be a set of two videos created for each of the characters. These videos will then be seeded on Facebook and Twitter, in an effort to position the #KnockCode feature," informs Gujral.

Ankit Mishra, head, strategy, Eccentric Engine, states that Knock Code allows people to express themselves and gives the flexibility of setting a personalised code. "The campaign links your identity and passions to this powerful feature. We stay committed to enhancing the brand experience by means of superior content and innovative campaigns," he adds.

LG has reportedly begun rolling out the latest Android KitKat update to the company's 2013 flagship smartphone G2 in India, via firmware update starting April. The feature will soon be available on 'key LG smartphones' models, namely the LG G2 and G Flex. The Knock Code update will give users instant access to their smartphones via a customised "knock" pattern.

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