Devesh Gupta

JK Tyre decodes the FIFA fanfare in India

The company has come up with a report that gives a city-wise analysis of which soccer team, wife, girlfriend and player is being followed by how many, based on the social impressions.

With the football World Cup fever at its peak in India, people from different walks of life are celebrating the game as never before. They follow their own soccer stars and want to know as much they can about them - be it the clubs they have played for, contracts, the women they have dated, the towns they belong to, the songs/advertisements they have done and other facts.

JK Tyre decodes the FIFA fanfare in India
JK Tyre has come up with an interesting report titled 'Football Spiced Up' that tells about which soccer star is most followed in which city, which female associated with the soccer star is followed, which Bollywood star follows the soccer most and what trending on the social media. Click on the following image to read the entire report.

The report tracks conversations and mentions on World Cup 2014-related keywords through the tool. It analyses and interprets the data, establishes trends and outcomes and presents it on the JK Tyre microsite.

The report has been produced using ThoughtBuzz, a social media tool developed in association with Ignitee, which is also the digital agency of JK Tyre. It talks about the buzz around players such as Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Shakira (the pop singer), Irina Shayk (model and Ronaldo's partner), Coleen Rooney (model and English footballer Wayne Rooney's wife) and others. It gives a city-wise analysis of which player, team and wife/girlfriend of the player is followed. The report checks out the social impressions across Twitter, Blogposts, News Coverage and Forum Posts.

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