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Kick to play Salman

People get a chance to play the actor in the newly launched Kick mobile game.

One is either a passionate Salman Khan fan or not at all. And all his fans love the way their star appears on screen and want to embody his characters. Disney India presents a chance for anyone to play Khan in the newly launched Kick mobile game. Disney India's interactive business announced the launch of the official mobile game based on Khan's forthcoming movie 'Kick'.

Kick to play Salman
Kick to play Salman
The game has all the elements of the movie - heroism, stealth, entertainment and above all, the game avatar of Khan's character himself. The game is developed for both feature phones and smartphones (Android, Windows) to reach out to a wide audience of mobile users. The iOS and feature phone version of the game will be launched along with the release of the movie.

In the game, the player takes on the role of Devil (Khan's character in the movie) and embarks upon a benevolent, yet exciting journey where he robs from the rich and corrupt and deposits that money in the bank for philanthropic causes.

The game is in two phases - rob and escape. The objective of a level is achieved only when the player manages to complete both phases. The gamer has to play in stealth style and also evade the cops avoiding numerous obstacles that include security alarms, lasers, manholes, street cones and more.

Commenting on the launch of the game, producer and director, Sajid Nadiadwala says, "We wanted to take the movie's experience to all the audiences and give them a taste of the unique style of Salman's character in the film as well as the essence of the movie through this game. The team has worked really hard to create a fun game and we are happy with the outcome."

Being an action comedy, Kick lends itself perfectly to being made into a game. "Salman and the team have been very excited about the game and worked closely with our team to make it happen. We are confident that the game will be a blockbuster just like the movie," predicts Siddharth Roy Kapur, managing director, Disney India.

Gaming has emerged as one of the top entertainment sources on mobile phones in the country and Indians love Bollywood. "By marrying the two, it extends the experience of the movie to consumers in an interactive environment through a highly engaging game," comments Sameer Ganapathy, vice president and head, Interactive - Disney India.

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