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Royal Stag: the perfectionist

The liquor brand has launched a digital campaign to promote the 'Large Short Films' platform.

Royal Stag's unique digital platform that caters to both filmmakers and film lovers, celebrates the power of short films by giving aspiring directors a chance to convey their message via the short film format.

Royal Stag: the perfectionist
The latest campaign has been conceptualised by River India, an independent creative agency that handles the digital advertising for Royal Stag. The first of the series showcases a familiar break-up scenario that keeps evolving in an interesting manner to convey the message.

Sohini Pani, founder, River India, says, "The campaign urges people to go beyond the clichés and strive for authenticity and perfection when it comes to films." Articulated as 'Keep Perfecting', the campaign motivates rather than preaches, and goes on to convey that only the most original short films make it large. "While the message is serious and relevant, it has been conveyed in a quirky and interesting manner to keep the involvement high", adds Pani.

Over the years, a number of quality films have been developed and showcased under the banner of Royal Stag Large Short Films. Some renowned filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap and Sudhir Mishra have gone on to become digital hits and have inspired young directors to create quality content.

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