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Amagi Picks Rife River Network as Global Distributor

The appointment aims to cater to the growing demand for Amagi's cloud-based TV broadcast infrastructure and platforms, worldwide.

Amagi, a player in cloud-based TV broadcast platforms has appointed The Rife River Network as its global distributor.

Amagi uses its cloud-based technologies to create an entire playout management infrastructure, and to localise content and advertisements to suit regional viewer preferences, regulatory or content licensing needs.

Amagi's infrastructure and platforms enable traditional as well as OTT (over the top) delivery of TV channels, linear and VOD (video on demand). It has over 1,000 servers installed in more than 10 countries, playing out over one million ad seconds and 2,000 hours of content every month at SLAs (service level agreements) of over 99.99 per cent.

Rife River is a global network of the TV and OTT TV distribution, and playout industries. According to the company, its strength lies in its knowledge of current requirements of broadcasters and content owners, understanding of new technology, commercial and other constraints of legacy infrastructure, and great relationships with stakeholders across the entire eco-system.

Amagi Picks Rife River Network as Global Distributor
Bhaskar Mani, CEO of The Rife River Network says, "Amagi's technologies have completely changed the way networks approach TV broadcasting, OTT playout and regionalisation requirements. Their solutions are feature-rich, reliable, scalable, and cost a fraction of the traditional satellite-based infrastructure. We are excited to take their products, platforms, and services to the market."

Says KA Srinivasan, co-founder, Amagi, "Viewer preferences are becoming more complex with each passing day. TV broadcasters across the world are looking for reliable means to increase salience, viewership, and profitability while the high CAPEX of setting up new satellite feeds continue to be a barrier. In this context, Amagi's solutions are increasingly becoming relevant and therefore the distribution partnership with Rife River is timely and essential to access our customers better."

The Rife River Network is currently represented in London, Paris, New York, Dubai and Bangalore.