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Culture Machine brings What's Trending to India

Culture Machine, an Indian content creator, has established an alliance with What's Trending, a US-based content creator.

In a first-of-its-kind content alliance, Culture Machine, a digital video entertainment company, has announced a strategic tie-up with What's Trending, a US-based content network.

Culture Machine brings What's Trending to India
Culture Machine will launch the India channel for What's Trending and create exclusive content for this region. This strategic alliance will serve to strengthen Culture Machine's presence in this part of the world and will provide digital consumers with a new array of international content.

In the days ahead, Culture Machine will work closely with What's Trending to create content that will feature people and brands from across the Indian sub-continent. International content will also be syndicated. The channel will be called What's Trending India.

Culture Machine will use its network strength of 500+ YouTube creators, brands, production facilities and proprietary technology capabilities to grow brand What's Trending in India. The partnership marks the first time an original digital property is being formatted locally by an international digital network.

"Both Culture Machine and What's Trending work with the core objective of creating entertaining, trending and shareable digital video content that reaches audiences through creative, digital programming. This alliance is a perfect match. We are delighted to partner with What's Trending and spearhead the first international digital format partnership in this space," says, Sameer Pitalwalla, CEO, Culture Machine.

Venkat Prasad, COO, Culture Machine, says, "Culture Machine has an unmatched understanding of India's digital market. Through our proprietary technology we not only understand what online audiences want but also have the capability deliver it - at scale, consistently, and repeatedly. We are confident of our capabilities of providing the best platform to What's Trending in India. We'll grow the brand in the region."

Damon Berger, CEO, What's Trending, says, "We are proud to partner with Culture Machine, a company that shares our vision of creating television-quality entertainment for the digital generation." The TG includes netizens from India and Southeast Asia.

For the record, What's Trending has over 50,000,000 views on YouTube.