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Montu Speaks For Strepsils

The brand has launched a digital campaign that encourages people to speak their minds... with a healthy voice.

Montu is someone who speaks his heart and cares not only for himself but also for those around him. Montu is a character created by consumer health and hygiene company RB (formerly Reckitt Benckiser), to promote Strepsils, a cough lozenges brand.

Montu Speaks For Strepsils
Montu Speaks For Strepsils
Called "Ab Montu Bolega", the digital campaign encourages people to speak their minds, but with a 'healthy voice'. Bollywood celebrity Saqib Salim plays Montu, a boy next door who expresses himself to his family, friends and colleagues, sans inhibitions.

The campaign captures his journey through different situations in his life, in which Strepsils helps him find his voice - the literal and figurative kind - enabling him to take a stand on issues that matter to the youth today. These include education, women's safety/empowerment, and matters pertaining to the environment, infrastructure and cricket.

The campaign is digital at heart and resides on an exclusive online platform The campaign video has been conceptualised by digital video agency Culture Machine.

"The brand does not just want to be your 'sore throat reliever'; it is looking to establish itself as an enabler of peoples' opinions. And what better place than social media to start from - a platform where people are free to voice their opinions on things that matter to them?" said the company, in an official communiqué.

The website carries an image of Montu holding a loud speaker, symbolic of the ability and means to voice one's opinion freely. One can click on any of the 'drop' icons to hear Montu speak.

People can even add their opinions into the text box. The Twitter campaign includes a campaign hashtag, #AbMontuBolega.

The brand's social media properties also include Facebook and Twitter pages.