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Zee TV Promotes 'Maharakshak Aryan' as a Mobile Game

The gaming app is designed and developed by Bigtrunk Communications.

Zee TV, the flagship Hindi GEC, has launched an interactive gaming app of 'Maharakshak Aryan', the recently launched show on the channel.

Zee TV Promotes 'Maharakshak Aryan' as a Mobile Game
Zee TV Promotes 'Maharakshak Aryan' as a Mobile Game
The gaming app offers users a chance to step into the young superhero's shoes virtually. The app is available for download on Android device, is also hosted on Zee TV's official website. It will be soon be launched on all iOS platforms. To download the app one needs to SMS 'Aryan' to 57575 or search for 'Maharakshak Aryan' in the Google playstore.

The game is designed and developed by Bigtrunk Communications, a specialised full-service mobile advertising agency.

Sorbojeet Chatterjee, marketing head, Zee TV, says, "Given its action-thriller genre, Maharakshak Aryan, our superhero series, that captures the battle of Good versus Evil, was launched aggressively in the digital space. The show lends itself beautifully to being extended into an exciting game. The idea is to offer an interesting avenue for followers of the show to step into the shoes of our superhero and experience his world. So, we hope that they not only watch the show on air but enjoy it as a game too."

Bharat Subramaniam, founder, BigTrunk Communications adds, "Our endeavour has been to create a user-friendly interface that seamlessly creates an additional layer of consumer engagement by connecting with consumers through elements of the show in an offline platform. While playing the game the consumer gets a chance to walk through the journey of a superhero and celebrate the triumph of Good vs. Evil."

With a blend of vibrant graphics that recreate the ethereal world of the show on mobile phones, multiple levels of difficulty and variation, the game is aimed at providing young teenagers an engrossing experience. It is a multi-level game, where every level has a new enemy from the show, like Kumbha, Vishkanya and Challa amongst others. Each demon is unique in his evil powers and more formidable than the last. Each level is only unlocked once the villain is defeated by the user.

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