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MSN launches Mobile Apps across platforms

The launch line-up includes apps for - News, Weather, Sports, Money, Health & Fitness, and Food & Drink.

Microsoft MSN has announced the launch of MSN-branded mobile applications for iOS, android and Amazon devices.

MSN launches Mobile Apps across platforms
MSN launches Mobile Apps across platforms
The launch lineup includes MSN apps for - News, Weather, Sports, Money, Health & Fitness, and Food & Drink. The apps will facilitate usage on the Web, Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablet, or Amazon Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire Phone.

Earlier this year, the company unveiled a new MSN that was built from the ground up for a mobile-first, cloud-first world. With the addition of iOS, Android and Amazon apps, it aims at the new MSN to even more people around the world.

The apps, available for download on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows and Windows Phone Stores, and the Amazon App Store, will let users customise and organise the information he want according to his interests.

"Beautiful, immersive and built from the ground up to work fluidly on each unique platform, the MSN apps feature an unprecedented breadth of content and functionality," the company said in a communique.

Using the new MSN News app, for example, one can find "best-in-class" content from premium sources like The Hindustan Times, NDTV, The Indian Express, IBN, First Post, and the India Today.

The MSN Sports app, meanwhile, is packed with live scores and in-depth game experiences for over 150 leagues worldwide. In the MSN Health & Fitness app, one can track his diet and exercises, get the latest health news, and follow workout videos at home, at work or at the gym.

The MSN Money app will give user an instant access to financial news and data. The user will be able to track his favorite stocks, mutual funds and investment vehicles in his personal Watchlist. MSN Money also provides tools and calculators to help determine anything from a tip at dinner to a mortgage estimate on a new home, or even retirement planning, the company claims.

The MSN Food & Drink app aims to take the user's culinary skills to a new level with how-to videos from the cooking school and with tips from famous chefs like Tarla Dalal and Sanjeev Kapoor.

Meanwhile, the MSN Weather app will give an up-to-date and accurate weather information. One can view current conditions, daily and weekly summaries at-a-glance, and receive breaking weather alerts in his area. User will also find rich, interactive, 10-day forecasts, radar maps and historical records that make it easy to plan for the days ahead.