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Saffola brings 'The Fit Foodie' on the web

The website addresses important healthy eating issues and provides a solution to them.

After the successful TV Show "The Fit Foodie", Saffola recently launched a new website called where one can find an astonishing variety of dishes ranging across different cuisines, courses and using different ingredients.

Saffola brings 'The Fit Foodie' on the web
Fit Foodie recipes are created and approved by the Fit Foodie Panel, headed by Michelin star chef Vikas Khanna - known for being a Fit Foodie himself - along with eminent food bloggers and expert nutritionists to ensure that you get the best of both health and taste.

The website also addresses important healthy eating issues and solves them. For example, one of the things that prove to be complicated and often a hindrance is to guess the nutritional value of the food one eats especially when there is a craving.

Besides, there are unique friendly features that make the journey to be a 'Fit Foodie' easier. One of the features let's one share every recipe with anybody by clicking on the option 'Send to Whatsapp'. One can therefore, share and save recipes on their mobile phone and enjoy healthy cooking anytime.

Saffola brings 'The Fit Foodie' on the web
"It is easy to get lost in complicated nutrition terminology like carbs, fats and proteins.To make it simple, Saffola has developed a unique and comprehensive Fit Foodie Meter, a tool which gives every recipe a health score based on its nutritional composition and completeness," the company says in a communique.

Developed in consultation with the Indian Dietetic Association, the meter shows two scores for every recipe: The first score is for the Regular Recipe, or the most common method of preparing the dish and the second score is for the Fit Foodie Recipe or the recipe that is presented in the website. The higher the score, the healthier the recipe. This comparison helps one make a healthier choice.

Saffola brings 'The Fit Foodie' on the web
For the star chefs of the family, has a special corner called - Saffola Fit Foodie Corner. It's an exclusive member's zone where one can create one's own recipe diary and submit recipes, which have a chance to be featured on the website selected by Khanna.

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