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Viral Now: Vogue's Choice

In Vogue's latest video, Deepika Padukone and Homi Adjania come together to talk about the freedom to choose.

Vogue India's 'Empower' video is creating a flutter on digital media. Featuring actor Deepika Padukone, the 'My Choice' video has been directed by filmmaker Homi Adajania and written by Kersi Khambatta, who wrote Finding Fanny.

The video is an attempt to talk about women's empowerment through the eyes of different directors. Through this initiative, Vogue India hopes to raise awareness through the magazine, social media, digital, multi-media platforms and offline activities. The message is simple: 'It starts with you'.

Viral Now: Vogue's Choice
In the video, other than Padukone, 99 other well-established women make an appearance. Padukone, meanwhile, speaks about the strength of her choice - of how her dressing style, personal decisions are all her choice - representing personal choices of any woman.

While the video has received over 3.3 million views in a few days, it has also given rise to a lot of criticism. Men and women alike have come out in support of the choices for both genders, and not just for one of them.

Social media also seems to suggest that Vogue Empower's earlier videos were much more inspiring for young women. While the first video, 'Going Home' featured Alia Bhatt, the second featured Madhuri Dixit in a cameo. In 'Going Home', Vikas Bahl tried to portray an idealistic world where women need not be scared of unknown men. On the other hand, through 'Start with The Boys' Vinil Mathew tried to get to the root of gender violence and urged people to socialise men from an early age. 'Start with the Boys' has had 1 million views in five months, while 'Going Home' boasts of 5 million views in about the same time.

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